tanja miŠČeviĆ

Ms Tanja Miščević graduated from the Faculty of Political Sciences (FPS) in Belgrade in 1989, Department for International Relations. Ms Miščević defended her M.A. thesis on "Associate EU membership" at the Department for International Law and Organizations of FPS in 1997. She obtained her PhD in political sciences in 2002 for her thesis on "Role of international organizations in contemporary development of international law".

Ms Miščević specialized in the area of European Union by attending the postgraduate studies “European studies in politics” at the FPS, University of Bonn and College of Europe in Brugge.

Her career at the Faculty of Political Sciences started in 1995, where she first worked as a trainee assistant and then assistant for the subject International organisations. In 2003, Ms Miscevic was nominated the Docent for this subject. She is teaching the subject of EU Accession Policy at the postgraduate studies of FPS, and the History of European Integration Process within the subject of
European Political History after the WW II.

Ms Miščević lectured as a Visiting Professor at the University of Bonn, the Centre for European Integrations, Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Croatia and the Faculty of Economics of the Montenegrin University in Podgorica. She is the head of International Organizations course at the Diplomatic Academy of the SCG Foreign Ministry. Ms Miščević participated as lecturer in a number of international and domestic conferences and seminars, including the courses on European Integration Process organized within the alternative education programmes of AAEM (Alternative Academic Educational Network), Belgrade Open School, Center for Democracy, Foundation for Political Excellency etc.

Since 2001, Ms Miščević has been the Director of the Department of European Studies of the G17 Institute in Belgrade. She initiated and organised the first programmes for training of civil servants on the functioning of the EU (ABC of the European Union). These programmes, organised throughout 2002/2003, were attended by all employees in the line ministries who are now responsible for the European Integration issues and whose first contact with the Union was this very seminar. In the period 2003-2004, Ms Miščević was the Coordinator of the SCG administration training on EU issues. This comprehensive training programme, which is unique for the West Balkans region and funded by the CARDS programme, was organised by the SCG Office for European Integration in cooperation with the Serbian European Integration Office and Montenegrin Ministry of International Economic Relations and European Integrations. The training programme covered the topics of general operation and institutional structure of the EU, common policies and contemporary administrative skills and negotiation. It was attended by 180 employees from Serbian and Montenegrin administrations engaged in the European Integration activities.

Tanja Miščević is the author of numerous articles on theory and practice of functioning of international governmental organisations, institutional structure of the EU, historical development of the European Integration process, EU’s enlargement policy, Stabilisation and Association Process and the relation between Serbia-Montenegro and the European Union. Ms Miščević is the editor of texts on the functioning of the EU; she wrote the analyses for specialised magazines and edits the regular column of the Bulletin G17 Institute - News from the EU.